How much do you expect to earn per month from your new business?



Initial fee: 3500 euro
Royalty fee: 6% of the turnover
Additional investment: no
Term of agreement: 5 years
Branch: Business service

It is a business that requires minimal initial investment.


It is a business that needs no office space and saves on associated costs.


It is a business you could start in a matter of days.


It is a business that will not require you to quit your job or other pursuits.


It is a business with an enormous pool of potential clients – everyone who wants to sell more and earn money using the Internet.


Kiberman franchise enables you to develop your own business as Internet marketing consultant. The Internet is the only media experiencing significant growth and opportunities for profit are correspondingly high. Internet-based business grown globally and companies, entrepreneurs, government institutions, public organizations and prominent individuals will grow ever more dependent on it.





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