Free services

If you are interested in buying franchise of a successful company, FRANCHISING.BG is going to help you for free in the search of it.

If you are offering the franchise of your business, FRANCHISING.BG is going to present you for free in the Catalog of Franchises in Bulgaria.

If you have successful business, FRANCHISING.BG is going to consult you for free is franchise suitable for your business.


Taxed services

FRANCHISING.BG is able of consulting you in everything according to the franchise business.


For franchisors:

  • Fees, terms, contracts;
  • Recruitment and selection of franchisees;
  • Branding, marketing positioning and advertising concept ;
  • Business development and control of the franchise structure;
  • Preparation of operation manual and business plan, process description, standards of work and job descriptions, selecting locations, etc.


For franchisees:

  • Detailed review of the candidate profile, selecting the most matching business model, discussing pros and cons of the specific franchise structure;
  • Evaluation of the proposed franchise package;
  • Risk assessment and evaluation of the location, competitors, customers, etc.
  • Discussion and consideration of the franchise agreement;
  • Legal services and negotiate with the franchisor in terms of the contract before signing it;
  • Legal services and support in case of disputes with the franchisor.


For an appointment with our franchise consultants, please, contact with us with one of the following:


Phone: +359 885 655 455