• The most important thing one should know about the franchising agreement is that the parties under it may agree on everything they deem appropriate!

  • It cultivates wild behaviour but at the same time it deprives you of some of your freedom, Mr. Svetoslav Bilyarski, founder of, said for the Regal Magazine.

  • The chain is as strong as its weakest part, not as its strongest part.

    How to choose the best franchisees is one of the most important problems of franchising. Surveys show the correlation between the test results of the selection performed by potential franchisors and the actual financial results of their operation after that. In the USA only 4% of the candidates for a certain franchise are approved which shows that the selection of franchisees is a long and difficult process.

  • How can you be sure that a particular franchise is the ideal one for you? Choosing a franchise may be a difficult and perplexing process. That is why we offer you the following list of ten steps to help you make your choice: