How much do you expect to earn per month from your new business?

Studio Figura


Initial Fee: no
Royalty Fee: 20 Euro
Initial Investment: 12 000- 30 000 Euro!
Contract Term: 5 Years
Branch: Wellness

Welcome everyone!

If you are looking for an idea for good and most of all tested business you are welcome to join the discussion. We are founders of the diet-cleansing -treatment program. For more information please call (515 166 755 – Izabella Michalak – President of the company).

It is obvious for anyone who considers to start own business it is important to know the basics. Studio Figura International leans on knowledge and experience verified by not one but over 570 Partners. Thus we provide the relevant practice on the contrary to pure theory.

Studio figura salon

Studio figura salon

And of course facts:

Studio Figura International provides:

As part of Agreement we share with Partners our knowledge based on experience of over 570 studios in Poland and around the world, in particular:

- help with financing (loans, leasing, grants -for our Partners we can prepare the business plans as part of Contract- Agreement)

- help in finding the venue

- drawing of premises with interior design suggestion

- banners, business cards and fliers designs

- free info line with clinical dietician

- free consultation with our Help Department

- participation in international makeover contest- last year we sponsored the trip for two( a winner with companion) to Majorca- please look into our website www.studio-figura.co.uk. This year we  are running  another contest with international holidays prize.

- we offer two day courses covering:

* operating the equipment

* interviewing a client to assess properly and choose the appropriate diet- treatment program

* ability to create the individual treatment program

* ability to create individual diet plan ( how to calculate the calories intake, how to plan a diet according to individual health conditions)

* skill to create the individual detox plan

* ability to interview a client efficiently - customer service training

* ability to get and keep a client

We do not participate in our clients' profits

All out input we offer just for  20,8euro monthly, paid upfront of each year of cooperation – 250euro gross profit. That is all.

Our cooperation starts after equipment sell and it is real.

Please read the articles about us here.

We do provide the business plans for our potential clients. Call us on 515 166 755 or e -mail:  marketing@studiofigura.com.pl Shall you prefer to write to us please include your phone number. We will call you back.

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