How much do you expect to earn per month from your new business?

Speak Up


Initial Fee: it depends on the size and potential of the city area
Royalty Fee: 6% from monthly turnover
Initial Investment: 100 000-500 000 euro
Contract Term: 10 years
Branch: Courses

Speak Up is  part of the largest language school network in Poland, which belongs to the international capital group Empik Media & Fashion. In 2012 revenues of the Group were about PLN 3.2 billion ( over 1 bilion USD).

The language school division is represented by Learning System Group (LSG) which operates 115 schools with more than 100.000 students. LSG is the leader in the teaching of foreign languages in Central and Eastern Europe.

Speak Up specializes in teaching English to adults using a unique method that combines the most modern multimedia tools with classes conducted by highly qualified instructors. There are Speak Up schools all around Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Speak Up- language school

Speak Up- language school

Speak Up is an innovative and profitable company with 66 corporate owned centres in 4 countries. 

The company is seeking partners who have the resources, local market knowledge, and business background.

The company provides  unparalleled management and staff training to the franchise partners besides specific management software, a learning management system, books, manuals, training materials, call centre training, job descriptions, and career paths

 for each position within the organization  plus a wealth of marketing, sales, monitoring tools, and lots more.

Speak Up requirements:

•             Entrepreneurial spirit

•             Sales and marketing experience

•             Local service industry experience

•             Leadership No language training experiences is required


Many of Speak Up centres  reach a profit margin of well over 40 %.

The franchise partners ought to h

To learn more about how become a Speak Up partner click here.ave a network of business acquaintances in the territory to build the right team as well as strong marketing and sales background. They will also need to have the sufficient capital to launch and operate the business.


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