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Studio Figura in Opoczno


Another Grand Opening

On November 14 the opening ceremony of a new partner salon in Opoczno took place.

Already in the morning you could see how busy the place in Kilinskiego street was.

Studio Figura - Opoczno

Studio Figura - Opoczno


 The last preparations for the grand opening ceremony scheduled for 6 p.m. were being made.

This was an exceptional event for the owner, Kamila Bolek. Ms Kamila is an extraordinary person. In spite of a young age, she’s really mature and she exactly knows what she wants in life. Opening a studio of her own had been her 

“It’s surprisingly different, not stiff and cold. It’s so amazingly feminine”, added another dream. It is not exactly easy for a young person to get going but Ms Kamila is a determined person, she told us “I’m gonna do it, and I’ll find a way to do it”. And she did. 75 people came to the opening night. The ladies were taken aback by the wonderful interior. “It is fabulous”, one of them said.

Yes, it’s true. With the help of her sister Monika and their wonderful boy-friends, Ms Kamila’d created a place that could be referred to as magical.

Why? Because it’s feminine, cosy, elegant and…. in every corner there’s a lot of warmth and love as everything had been made by themselves or with the help of friends.

Because Kamila is simply a kind person and kind people always attract other kind people.

We are proud of Kamila’s studio.

We’d like to congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts!! We congratulate you on the beautiful studio and the exceptional determination that you’ve shown in striving to achieve your objectives.


How Dreams Come True – Kamila Bolek and Her Studio in Opoczno


It’s always been my dream to create an exceptional place where women could relax and get away from every-day life.

In August I found out that the RTV-Euro-AGD company that I was working for was going to close down the store by the end of the month… It was time to take things in my own hands and start acting.

New salon in Opoczno

New salon in Opoczno

For weeks I looked for something appropriate… And then I came across this feature ab the Studio Figura Concept presented on the Studio Figura web site, I thought it was something for me and so it took off. I interviewed friends, friends’ friends and so on. I did some market research in the nearby towns, and everything prompted me to make up my mind. My younger sister Monika and my fiancé Lukasz both helped me to make the final decision to enter into cooperation with Studio Figura. They are by my side in the most important and most difficult times.out a business for women and I read an interview with Ms Izabella Michalak, President of Studio Figura. 

I wrote to the President on September 13 and on the same day she called me back and we arranged a time to meet at the company’s head office.

Before going to Poznan, together with my sister we started to look for a business space. All that time, Ms Kasia Paluszkiwicz was in touch with us and she answered all of our questions and gave helpful tips.

At our first meeting with Ms Izabella, we discussed all the details, from finances to the date of opening a Studio in Opoczno. Afterwards, I was 100% sure that on 14 November there would be a grand opening night in our town.

In November we had a training – Ms Iza and Ms Kasia spared us loooooong hours to professionally prepare us for running a studio. Besides, those wonderful women, so full of passion have kept us company in our Studio’s every-day life.

Day by day, my studio has been growing bigger… Every day I’ve been able to count on so many people close to me, among others my uncle Marek, who has become our personal upholster, our grandma is our dress maker, our grandpa and dad do the painting, construction and carpentry jobs, and Mariusz has become our electrician. Monika and my Mom have helped to design and arrange the interior, and Lukasz would come to my studio after work to do other work, help me and support me every day.

And so we were coming closer and closer to the opening night… It seemed I was so close to successfully completing all the preparations, yet so far away from it… But we made it in time. One of the most wonderful days had come. We were so full of emotions, of positive energy, which was emanated by the Ladies arriving in Kilinskiego street.

And it’s still the same way today – every single woman who arrives at the studio gives us the power to act. A lot of positive drive comes from each kind word directed to us!

You need to take your life in your hands and have the power to strive for your objective.

I’d like to thank all those close to me as well as Ms Izabella and Kasia for helping me realize my dreams!!