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Katarina Paluszkiewicz

Katarina Paluszkiewicz

Can you describe what is unique in your franchise that distinguishes you from other franchisers? You say “friendly franchise- contract- agreement". What does that mean for someone interested in your business idea?

Answer: First of all thank you very much for this question. That is exactly what out our clients asks about during first consultation. Our business idea is unique not only for its approachable contract with Partner but also for the fact it has been verified in practice. Studio Figura concept is based on experience of over 610 studios in Poland as well as abroad. We do not provide our Partners just the theory but pure practice. We provide with our knowledge and experience every day. We manufacture equipment of the highest quality though there is no opportunity to purchase from us the single appliance. Our product means the whole CONCEPT of Studio Figura which is the device suite with author's complete program: know-how. After years of experience we all (Partners and us) know that these are not the appliances that are the key to success. Only the verified 'know-how' can guarantee that. We provide our Partners with the Studio Figura Concept: know-how.


What guarantee do you give for successful business?

I recon you will not find many people who could guarantee a success. That requires a lot of responsibility. We, however, after having been 9 years in the international market, DO give you 100% guarantee. Certainly, the key to success is 100% following the Studio Figura Concept.

I do realize when you read this interview you may think it is far from the truth and I represent only my opinion. People who dream of starting their own business often think the same way. I may only encourage them to listen to what other people, who have already opened a studio have to say. You surely agree with me that opinions of such people, our Partners, are the best guarantees. Please refer to our website to find out more.


Do you actually mean everyone who started a studio succeeded and still functions in the market?

Of course not. We provide the tested, checked business concept; share our knowledge how to run a successful business. We teach the verified 'know-how' idea. Not everyone though follows our knowledge and experience. Why is that? Because he thinks he knows better or has different idea…..

It is common that approximately 10% of people will not end up with success. Nevertheless we are happy and satisfied with 90% who have and are totally dedicated to our Concept follow it in 100%, or at least 95%.


You claim it is good, tested business. How soon will in pay off to the owner?

Again, thank you for the question. That is what we are frequently asked about as well. If I say that in the world the investment pays off after 5-6 months that would not be specific enough. I believe we should talk about money in clearly, concretely.

Every time when we meet new, potential business owners we do a business plan (income, cost, profit). We describe in details all the factors taking into considerations the following: premises area, place, and number of training stations, number of employees and finances e.g. loan, leasing or cash.

Everyone who is considering the specific financial analysis is requested to send the following:

Drawings (projections of premises), name of town, contact telephone number and e-mail address

We will send a free simulation of income, devices location and investment quotation.


Opening a studio is a huge investment. Taking recession into account is it profitable to do so? Or will there be clients at all?

A huge investment is a relative statement. Every prosperous business should be considered as to how soon the investment would pay off. If a day after launching, our Partners already have income (a verified information) sell full price monthly passes, that means own business concept does not include 'waiting'. We have methods how to find and keep a client or use so called 'word of mouth', how to have income the very next day. Our business concept anticipates investment return after a period of six months.

Can people afford it? In the recession era people do have money but they spend it more wisely or simply keep it. They invest only in something sure or tested and they do not need to wait too long for return. Here we go back to the previous question.

It may sound not humble enough bit we do not feel the recession. Do we have clients? For last few years wellness branch has been developing rapidly in the world. There are proper research carried out which prove we resign from so called luxuries. Women buy fewer garments but never give up nursing their beauty. Ladies will always invest around 50 EUR a  a month. And these are our clients. If a studio has 100-150 or more clients it is easy to calculate the income.


The only payment you take is 240 EUR P.A. for franchise. No additional percentage from profit? You must admit it sounds a bit odd.

Every business ought to be considered from the profit point of view. How do we benefit then when the payment is so symbolic? We know that using the logotype ( estimated worth over EUR 800.000) normally should cost minimum EUR 1000 annually , that designer work costs around EUR 1000, two-day training is the expense of EUR 700, diet consultation per person- EUR 50, graphic projects of banners, cards, fliers equals EUR50-EUR200. We do realize our work is worth approximately EUR3000. However, we tend to think globally that is why we charge our Partners only EUR300 per annum. Every single studio is to be special, unique like a pearl. Not just a place full of equipment but with no character. I have to admit that we are currently choosing our clients and rarely, but sometimes need to refuel due to lack of predisposition. I am aware it may be not easy to comprehend that manufacturer refuses to sell a product (and earn money obviously). This way of thinking is short-termed. Our appliances are not of small price but we are still chosen by clients. Why is that? We know how to teach and train them how to receive profit from Wellness Studio. Our Studios are our best advertisement. It is our investment. We want our Partners to make profit of it and their Studios were standing for the best quality and service.


What would you like to say to people who are simply afraid to start their own business?

I would quote Brian Tracy:

'If you want to achieve something you never had, you must start doing things that you never done" ….