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Fulfill a dream with Studio Figura


 Kristina Kolaitiene and her travel in Mallorca


I read about Roll Shaper in newspaper.

When I saw device and listened about Studio Figura Concept I bought 10 massages without even

trying. I loved it. I like atmosphere in Studio and professional custome services. I tried before a lot of things in order to losing weight. I wanted to lose 15 kilos. It was my goal. I tried a lot of diets like japanese or eating one product per day. I even tried starvation for one week. But all I tried before was worthless.

Before and After with Studio Figura

Before and After with Studio Figura

When I started you hole Studio Figura programm I had a lot of energy every day, nice skin, good health. I had my own individual programm – step by step: diet, treatment 3 times per week Roll Shaper, nutritional regulation, of course at first was cleaning with Go Glean , then Go Slim. I drink 2-3 l water per day. Treatments Studio Figura has become my second home. I attend massage sessions three times a week. After the massage sessions I feel energetic, I noticed that the skin has become supple and radiant. I am 47 years old I feel rejuvenated and fresh. After 5 massages sessions I felt a influx of energy. After 10 I noticed that the skin tighten. In all procees of loosing weight I was support from familly and Studio Figura. When Rimante (the owner of Studio Figura) informed me that I win I was very suprising news because I didnt expect to win this project. (Studio Figura headoffice received almost 100 aplications). When I realize that The winner of Metamorphosis Competition it is me I was so happy. I get a lot of acqaintances calls, they asking advice. I won trip to Mallorca. I was very happy and I could believe that my dream comes truth.

Below I wrote all my experiences from my wonderfull travel in Mallorca.

Travel in Mallorca

 We lived in a small town Pladges de Muro in the hotel „Iberostar Alcudia Park“.  We arrived at this hotel about

 nightfall so in that evening we just had a supper and went for a walk to look around the town. In that evening air temperature was about 11 C. Nex day we rented a car and went to the lighthouse Cap de Formentor. Landscape was fantastic! So we decided to have a dinner in a local coffee-bar.

Formentor peninsula is a very beautiful place. It is believed that there is the meeting place of the winds. Cap de Formentor is the northernmost peninsula’s point.

It was time to come back to the hotel so we moved towards Alcudia – one of the most popular resort in Mallorca with impressive the old town. After walking in the old town and visiting the town of Port d’Pollenca we came back to the hotel.

The second day we decided to visit the caves of dragons - Coves del Drac, Cova dels Hams and Coves d’Arta.

A Parking-lot nearby the caves of dragon is free of charge; there were only a few people because the caves are opened at 10 o’clock am. We joined the queue to buy a ticket. The price of the ticket 13 Eur. We had about half an hour until the opening of the caves so we whiled away this time by wandering around the suburbs. At 10 o’clock am we were let in the caves. Views were striking… But to take a photograph was forbidden. If somebody ignores this rule and tries to take a photograph a supervisor comes immediately and starts shouting that it is strictly forbidden.

The exceptional feature of the Dragons' caves is six underground lakes. The biggest underground lake in Europe is Marte

Kristina in Mallorca

Kristina in Mallorca

lis (177x40m). After it go Delisas and Negro. In these lakes it was found new species of microscopic blind crayfish. The lighting of Martelis' lake was created by Catalan architect Carles Buigas, the author of the singing fountain in Barcelona.

When we reached the biggest underground lake we saw mini performance about dawn in the depth of the earth's crust.

Other impressive cave is Cuevas dels Hams. 500 m long underground corridors connects six colourful stalactite and stalagmite caves and underground lake. The cave is called “the dream of an angel” and it is the most beautiful underground cave in Mallorca.

Arta (Cavas d'Arta)

This cave is in the eastern coast. The entrance to the cave is 40 m above sea level. The most beautiful thing in this cave is a stalagmite which is 22 m in height. Special lighting creates wonderful and spectacular beauty. Visitors can go to this cave in small groups half-hourly.

Also we visited: Portokristo-Son Servera, Capdepera, Arta cities.

The third day we visited: Port d’Alcudia, Port de Pollenca, Pollenca, sa Pobla and Muro towns.

We went for a walk, visited a market, cafes, shops, we bought souvenirs.

The travel was really nice.  There was a wide choice of food and all food was very delicious so I was afraid to overeat and to put on weight. The hotel was comfortable and service excellent. I am very grateful and very happy.


Thank you very much Studio Figura