Desire Is Most Important If You Want to Be a Metro Partner


METRO develops the biggest franchise chain in Bulgaria – “My Shop”, and at the time being it has more than 1500 shops. “My Shop” is a programme of METRO Cash and Carry that supports the retailers in Bulgaria through franchising. Owing to this business concept the traders with small and medium-sized points of sale have the opportunity to work as a part of the national chain and to benefit from all advantages that it offers – lower supply costs, global advertisement, customers’ trust, a tested model of operation and many others.

“The local traders are already well aware that they cannot be rivals to the large international companies by themselves while competition is getting more and more severe. These traders are facing a major threat and at the same time they are our main customers. That is why we, from Metro, have created My Shop Chain that enables every local trader to become a part of the biggest chain store in Bulgaria.”

Dr. Christoph Schulte

Customer Management Director

My Shop is a project by METRO that responds to the need of the small and medium-sized traders to optimise their business, to make it more competitive and profitable. Applying this concept they turn their shops into better places for shopping, they select and arrange the merchandise in a way that meets the needs of each customer. The guaranteed quality at a guaranteed low price attracts more and more customers and this is the reason why, the points of sale of My Shop Programme have reached the number of 1500 shop bearing a common brand, which is a record for Bulgaria.

The fast expansion that METRO makes in Bulgaria using the My Shop franchise is incomparable even at the European level. For example, in Poland, which has a population of more than 38 mln. people, the same concept has reached this number of shops two times slower. This rapid and at the same time sustainable development of My Shop in Bulgaria is not a matter of chance but is the result of extensive and thorough market research, investment  by METRO and the work of a big team of professionals. Owing to this the local traders are able to make their businesses more stable and much more profitable. The chain is attracting a rising number of shops.

Why is My Shop – METRO’s franchise model – so successful?

“No one of our team saves their energy. Strong motivation is the secret of our success.”

Nikolay Bogdanov, My Shop Programme Manager


“To move forward you need desire. We are looking franchise partners that want to develop themselves.”

Dr. Emilian Arabadzhiev, METRO Bulgaria General Manager


“Our success is not a matter of chance, we have hired more than 70 exceptional specialists, invested in their training, bought cars for them to travel all over Bulgaria.”

Dr. Christoph Schulte, Customer Management Director