New market niche


Why investing in this sector exactly?


This sector now provides great development opportunities, despite the international economic cataclysms and the shrinking markets worldwide. Firstly, I would like to point out the difference between selling air fresheners for home use, which are distributed through major retailers and professional air fresheners, which we manufacture and distributed among medium and large-sized outlets. The truth is that until recently too bulky air-freshener systems have been used for this type of outlets and in fact there have been no specific air freshening professional product for medium-sized outlets. That is why I would emphasize that a new sector niche with a great future is being revealed. Air fresheners are widely-known products, but we would like to target customers who are different and look for professional service and a product to meet their specific requirements.


What is the profile of a potential Franchisee?

Based on our experience gained in Italy, France, Romania, Portugal and Spain, we could point out that potential Franchisees of Fresh Colombia should have business flair and thinking and should be ambitious to succeed. No experience in this sector is necessary, but we need active and ambitious individuals who would work single-heartedly to promote the product based on our recommendations and advice. I would like to emphasize that based on our observations no extreme dedication to work is necessary. Financial stability could be achieved by 3-4 hours of work per day, which according to our experience involves attracting and retaining at least 100 customers. I would also like to point out that the initial investment is absolutely affordable and the activity needs no infrastructure, commercial property or a large warehouse.



Columbiafresh in Spain

Columbiafresh in Spain

What are your goals on the Bulgarian market this year?

The business idea we launch on the Bulgarian market is quite innovative and specific and we expect to be able to create a niche on the Bulgarian market for professional air fresheners at least in big cities such as Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv.



What are the advantages of this franchise?

With a minimum initial investment of EUR 100, necessary for purchasing an advertising package (comprised of 4 diffusers and 12 fragrances) you can establish a profitable and sustainable business thanks only to your diligent and focused work and your strong desire for success and professional development. Thus, you will be able to test the product together with your customers, and also test yourself without any obligations and conditions. The following investment we recommend amounts to about 1,500 euros, which would be sufficient for the attraction and retention of approximately 100 customers and will provide you with a sustainable monthly income. The important thing for us is not to sell the product itself but to offer a service contract to customers that will ensure business continuity.