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How to Expand Your Business Abroad

Rolf G. Kirst will be lecturing at New Business Ideas conference on what a franchise package should include.

Rolf G. KirstHow did you start working in franchising?
I started my franchise career in 1982 with a cooperation with bus tour operators and in the first ten years we were practicing franchise but called it cooperation. We made mistakes and learnt our lessons. In 1992 I started with a professional franchising business consultant and later in 1994 I bought the master license of a Canadian franchise concept for Germany. From here on I learnt the sophisticated way of franchise.

What are the most dynamic franchising markets in the world?
USA is the most developed franchise market in the world. Franchise also has a high status in Australia and in Europe since the sixties.

Which are the fastest growing franchising sectors and the most successful new franchise systems?
This is different from country to country. I just attended a meeting of the world franchise council were I’m a member and heard from my colleagues all over the world that trends are so different. In some countries it is retail, in other countries food concepts are dominating and in Germany we are a service society and accordingly service franchise is very popular.

How could you help companies that would like to develop their franchise chain or their business outside Bulgaria?
I could help to find master partners in other countries together with my colleagues but in any case a Bulgarian system first must be very stabile in the home country before they even think about expanding into another country.

What foreign new business could be imported to Germany and what are the current trends in the country?
Our trends in Germany at the moment are systems for senior care, health care and fitness.

Do you think that Bulgarian market is attractive for German franchises? To which of them would you recommend it?
I see the Bulgarian market as an attractive market for all European franchise systems but it is important that the pre-requisites are given such as financing through banks, understanding of franchising and legal framework.

Currently there is no Bulgarian hotel or travel agency franchises – what is your advice to the businessmen in those sectors?
Myself I was a master of travel agency network and could bring this concept to Bulgaria if we would find a good master for this concept.  

What are your expectations for Franchising Expo Bulgaria 2011 and the New Business Ideas Conference?
My expectations are small because I always see and check a new international expansion myself and then I recommend what would be the best way for German franchise systems to conquer such markets.

Rolf G. Kirst is a Board member DFV - German Franchise Association, Member of the World Franchise Council, Managing Director of Franchise Pool International, Mr. Kirst was on the board of the European franchise federation.

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